How to Create an Evergreen Countdown Timer and Expire Evergreen Offers

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How to Add an Evergreen Countdown Timer to Your Infusionsoft Order Form & Expire an Evergreen Offer

This is an advanced tutorial that requires some extra techinical setup. If you don’t yet have your countdown timer setup on your Infusionsoft order form, be sure to watch our basic Countdown Timer tutorial video. That video will help you understand how to set up the countdown timer for an Infusionsoft order form in Spiffy, and set the expired offer redirect url.

Once you have your countdown timer added to your order form, you can follow this tutorial to dynamically change the countdown timer deadline to a set window of time. (IE: 7 days from today, vs. a static date, December 31st)

Setting the expiration date to 7 days from today, allows us to create an evergreen expiring offer.

Once the countdown timer hits 00:00:00, it will automatically expire your offer and redirect users to the “Expired Offer URL” that you set in Spiffy.

Please watch the video above in FULL, in order to understand how to set up an evergreen countdown timer that automatically expires an offer 7 days from today.


Here are some of the assets that we talk about in the video:

Here is the merge field value that tells Infusionsoft to pull in today’s date and add 7 days. Copy and paste this merge field into the set field value element in campaign builder to set the value for the custom field you created:|plus_days(7)~

Here are other options if you want to set your offer to expire in (x) number of weeks, hours, or minutes instead of days:|plus_weeks(2)~|plus_hours(12)~|plus_minutes(30)~

Here are a list of the UTC Time Zone codes for the US:

US Pacific: -0800
US Mountain: -0700
US Central: -0600
US Eastern: -0500

Click here to determine what your UTC code is for your country.


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