We Make it Easy to Maximize Sales with Conversion-Optimized Checkouts

The fastest way to grow sales is to optimize your checkout conversion rate (CRO).
Spiffy makes it easy to plug the holes in your checkout process.

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Our Products

We have two unique products that serve different purposes.

Integrate directly with Stripe and PayPal for processing and easily create high-converting checkout pages. Embed the checkout on your own wesbite, or use our hosted version. Integrate with popular CRM & Marketing tools for even more power (optional).

An app for Infusionsoft that makes it easy to build high-converting Infusionsoft order forms with our Spiffy Builder. Optimize the Infusionsoft shopping cart checkout process for mobile.
Must be an Infusionsoft customer to use this product.

What’s the difference between the two Spiffy Products?

Which one is right for you?

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Why Spiffy?

Make More Sales.

Optimizing your conversion rate could increase your revenue up to 25% to 100% or more. Watch this quick 5 minute video for some more info on our 25 minute conversion optimization recorded presentaiton.

Spiffy is the go-to solution for boosting the conversion rate on your Infusionsoft order forms. If you’re selling products and services through your website, Spiffy can help you close more sales from the traffic you are already getting.

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Customer Experience Matters.

Make More Sales
from Every Device.


You work so hard to get people to the buying decision, make it easy for them to pay you. Don’t drop the ball and lose sales with a clunky checkout experience.

If you’re not using Spiffy to optimize your Infusionsoft order forms, you’re letting sales slip through the cracks. Guaranteed.

Create High-Converting Order Forms

Remove doubt, fear, and risk by easily adding custom content to your Infusionsoft order form, with the Spiffy Builder.

Mobile-Optimized Design

Our responsive and, more-importantly, mobile-first design ensures your order forms are easy to navigate from all devices. Just because the page fits the screen on base Infusionsoft order forms, it doesn’t mean you’re still not losing sales.

Easy Install

Create, Copy, Paste, Done. Just our base Spiffy order form has 30+ micro optimizations out of the box. Add to your existing order forms, and boost sales in seconds.

Unlimited Order Forms with 0% Fees

Create as many order forms as you need to run your business, and pay just one flat rate every month. We don’t charge any additional transaction fees.

Extremely Cost Effective

Not only does Spiffy save you time, money, and headaches by not having to find and hire expensive developers, but Spiffy was designed to pay for itself and generate a ROI up to 5x-10x or more, depending on what you are selling.


Double Your Revenue In The Next 90 Days

Generate more sales from the traffic you’re already generating.
Conversion optimization is the fastest way to boost sales, immediately.
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Small changes to your order form can boost conversions, and close extra sales from people on the fence.


Make it easy for people to buy, and they will. Create an optimized checkout experience in minutes.

Boost Sales. Our Guarantee!

We intentionally designed Spiffy so that it generated a 5x-to-10x return, or more. Even implementing the most basic Spiffy order form can make a big impact. If you have a $499 digital product, and Spiffy helps make just one more sale every month, you just generated a 10x return on your money, and provided a better customer experience for all of your customers.

Don’t take our word for it. Give Spiffy a try, you’re covered by our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If Spiffy doesn’t boost sales in your first 30-days, or you don’t like Spiffy for any other reason, just ask for your money back.


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