Top 5 Conversion Boosting Elements for Order Forms

Top 5 Conversion Boosting Elements
for Your Order Form


Better converting order forms = more sales and who doesn’t want more sales!

We all want high converting checkout pages, but do you know what elements to add? Which ones to delete? And do you need to developer to create a super fancy custom page to be able to use all these conversion boosting elements? Since this is such a hot topic, we decided to share with you our Top 5 Conversion Boosting Elements and how you can get them all added to your order forms TODAY.

Here’s our list:

1. Risk Reversal – Guarantee

The purchase process usually begins with some time spent researching, speaking with peers, and generally gathering enough information so you feel comfortable and confident with the purchase. The higher the cost on a product, the more research that goes into it. Once the decision is made to buy, you make your way over to the order form, and fill in all of your personal information. The deeper you go, the more likely that doubt and fear will start to creep into your head and you find you’re just not SURE you should do this. Sound familiar? This is an experience many of your customers go through when they hit your order form, and it’s in your best interest to provide the assurance they need to move forward! There are several ways to do this, but one of the best ways is to offer a Guarantee.

Adding a guarantee to your order form shows you are confident in your product and your ability to fulfill on your promises to your customers. It gives potential buyers the feeling that you actually care about their results and that you want them to be happy and satisfied in their purchase (and you should).

Here are some tips on how best to position your guarantee on the order form:

  1. Place your guarantee near your credit card input fields. This is where most drop offs occur, so sticking a risk reversal note or badge directly next to the credit card fields is a great way to increase your conversions.
  1. Consider what their fears are, and address them in the guarantee. People purchase products because in some way they are hoping to make an improvement on their life. If they invest in you and your product, know the end result they are hoping to achieve, and consider what happens to them if it DOESN’T work. Address their fears right there in your guarantee statement.
  1. Use an If & Then statement – the IF is how your customer fears your product may let them down, the THEN is how you would make it up to them. For example – IF you buy this vacuum and it doesn’t pick up the dirt in your rug, THEN I will give you your money back. Now some products have a more subjective outcome, so you may want to include a “rule” in your guarantee to make sure the buyer follows the instructions or the program as given to them.

Make a guarantee that fits your product and your clients and make sure it is something you can truly stand behind!


2. Security Seal / Confidence Badges

Similar to the guarantee, adding security seals and confidence badges to your order forms help to quell your customers’ doubts and fears, making them feel more confident and comfortable in their purchase.

There are a variety of security seals out there, but the big hitters that you want to be sure to include on your order forms are: secure payment processing, an SSL certificate, and a privacy policy. With the frequency of hacking and fear of someone having access to your personal information, you’ll want to assure your customers throughout the checkout that their information is safe with you.

Include these seals near the credit card input fields and be sure to include a link to your privacy policy! Some order form softwares do not have options to include these on your order forms. We at Spiffy know how important security is to our customers though, and have included a variety of seals and badges in our builder ready for you to use!


3. Mobile-Optimized Design

This might be one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase conversions on your order form! And with the the world becoming more and more mobile, this is one conversion element you don’t want to miss out on.

Curious about how much of today’s ecommerce comes from phones? Of course you are! 😉

Here are some statistics for you:

55% of ecommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. This number will only increase as mobile technologies get even smarter, faster and in the hands of more people around the world.

33% of all ecommerce purchases are from mobile devices. That means one out of every three ecommerce purchases are made from a mobile device.

75% of email consumption is made from a mobile device. Do you do email marketing? You should! 😉 Considering the large percentage of purchases that email marketing is responsible for, a mobile optimized checkout is a no brainer!

With the growing number of mobile users and our increasingly technology dependent society, a seamless purchase experience on a mobile device is an expectation of the marketplace. How many sales are you missing out on by not have a mobile-optimized checkout experience? Don’t waste another day waiting to improve this! How can you do this without using a custom built checkout? Well one option is using Spiffy. With Spiffy all of your order forms are converted all into mobile-friendly sales machines 🙂


4. Payment Plans

Cost is the number one reason that customers fail to convert. Understandable, right? Offering multiple payment plans can help make the total price seem a lot more manageable to your customers. Consider spreading out payments into 2, 3, or even 10 pay plans. Depending on your product, offering a plan with payments under $100 a month is a great way to eliminate price objections.

When positioning your payment plans, ask yourself this – what is a reasonable cost that someone would buy your product TODAY? A price that they don’t have to balance their checking accounts to make sure it is feasible. This lower barrier to entry allows for a wider demographic range to be interested in your product as well.

Offering payment plans can also make your pay-in-full offer much more appealing. Buyers get to see that they can actually save money by paying all at once! The savvy shoppers out there will not let an opportunity to pay less pass them by. You can even use this type of comparison in your sales letter copy. Plus, full pay, is always more desirable for you as a business, so the sexier you can make that offer seem, the better!

Test out a few different payment plans and see which options convert best for you customers!


5. Testimonials

We’ve all seen the effects of social pressures – crazy fads, name brands that people pay WAY more for, memes… We are social creatures and want to fit in with the alfa pack. Because of this, social proof is one of the best ways to get people interested in and eager to purchase your product.

If you can show potential buyers that their peers, or if you can leverage it, that the leaders in their industry are using your product, they will go crazy trying to buy it! Well maybe not crazy, but you get the point.

One way that you can use social proof on your checkout page is by including testimonials. Reach out to a few of your loyal customers and ask for their opinion on your product and if they’d recommend it to others. If they are happy, satisfied customers, they are likely to give you testimonials for free, but it never hurts to offer a discount, or x dollars off their next purchase as a token of your appreciation as well!

Take their quotes, and place them on the order form. Whenever possible, include the happy customer’s name and a picture. The more personal you can make it, the better. Customers want to see that there are people, just like them, with the same problems and goals, and your product was able to make a difference in their life. If you are able to do that, you should see a nice boost in your conversion rate 🙂


That covers our Top 5 Conversion Boosting Elements! Were you keeping track of how many you have on your order forms? What’s missing? Many order form softwares make it difficult or impossible to include all of these elements without messing around with custom coding. 

We created Spiffy as a cost effective solution to making all of your order forms conversion optimized sales machines! From mobile-friendly pages, to security seals and testimonials – our drag & drop, copy & paste builder allows you to create beautiful and functional, conversion optimized works of art. And the best part, no custom coding is required! If you’re interested in seeing just how much Spiffy can improve your order form conversions, you can sign up now with our risk free 30 Day money back guarantee!

Get started with your Spiffy account today!


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