Infusionsoft Order Form: How to Add Terms & Conditions Checkbox


How to Add a Required Terms & Conditions Checkbox
to Your Infusionsoft Order Form

How to Add a Terms & Conditions Checkbox to Your Infusionsoft Order Form

Adding a required terms and conditions checkbox to your Infusionsoft order form has been extremely frustrating until now. Before Spiffy, if you didn’t know code you were up a creek without both paddles. Even developers couldn’t figure it out because of how the core order form is built. Well, look no further, we made it simple and easy. With Spiffy, it’s copy, paste, save, done. That simple.

Here’s how to add a Terms & Conditions Checkbox to Your Infusionsoft Order Form:

  • Make sure Spiffy is installed on your Infusionsoft order form and within your Spiffy settings you have your Terms/Disclaimers URL set to the Terms & Conditions page on your website.
  • Login to your Spiffy account
  • In the top navigation select Snippets
  • Scroll and find the code snippet labeled Terms and Conditions Checkbox
  • Copy the code snippet under Terms and Conditions
  • Paste the Terms & Conditions snippet into the Custom HTML tab of your Infusionsoft Order form (any section will work)
  • Hit save! And You’re done!

Its super easy! Watch the video above for step-by-step instructions!

I hope this information has helped you, if you’d like to experience how Spiffy can help increase your revenue from sales you’re currently missing, sign up for an account today. Try it out risk-free for 30 days with our 100% money-back guarantee. Get started today!

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