GDPR Compliance Tutorial

Make Your Infusionsoft Order Forms GDPR Compliant In Minutes.

Are your Infusionsoft order forms GDPR compliant? Let us help.

Infusionsoft order forms are not GDPR compliant out of the box. Spiffy is the FASTEST way to get your Infusionsoft order forms GDPR compliant!
Watch the video on this page to see how easy it is. You simply copy and paste our GDPR snippet into your Infusionsoft order form, set up a couple custom fields, edit a couple links, and you’re good to go!
Here’s what our copy/paste snippet does:

  • Adds 3 Separate Checkboxes to your order form
    – Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & GDPR Marketing Opt-in
  • Option to make checkboxes appear only when an EU country is selected in the checkout process (Billing Info.)
  • Creates a time-stamp in a custom field when the checkbox is clicked
  • Enables the ability to apply a tag based on whether or not a checkbox was checked (Campaign Builder Setup)

Our GDPR snippet makes it very easy to be GDPR compliant and cover your bases, even if you do not do much business in the EU.
Don’t miss out on opt-ins by adding a marketing checkbox for everyoneOur GDPR snippet allows you to control whether or not the checkboxes show for everyone, or just for people who are checking out with an address in an EU country. (See video tutorial)
Spiffy is the easiest way to meet the basic requirements of the new GDPR regulations, and you can have all your forms updated within a matter of minutes.
If you’re a Spiffy customer, click here to access the Snippets page within your account.
If you’re not yet a Spiffy customer, click the button below and create your Spiffy account today! Get your order forms up and running fast with our new Template Selector.

Please note: This GDPR snippet does not work with our built-in Terms & Conditions checkbox, or the T&C checkbox snippets. Please use the GDPR snippet in place of those other options, if you want to use both. (This GDPR snippet includes a T&C checkbox.)

Watch and see exactly how to make your Infusionsoft Order Forms GDPR compliant with the new  GDPR copy/paste snippet.

The information in this video is not legitimate legal advice. We are not lawyers, we just do nerdy stuff with computers. If you do a substantial amount of business in the EU, please consult legal council to ensure that you are fully covered.  Our solution only solves for GDPR compliance when people purchase through a Spiffy order form, there may be other areas of your business that will need a different solution.
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