Add Extra Functionality To Your Order Forms With Our Spiffy Snippets

Infusionsoft order forms have always been pretty customizable, but have required you to know code, or hire an expensive coder, to make simple things happen on your checkout pages.

Our team has gone ahead and developed all the major pieces for you ALREADY so you don’t have to! There are over 30+ Spiffy Snippets included with your Spiffy subscription.

What is a “Spiffy Snippet”?

A Spiffy Snippet is simply a piece of code that adds extra functionality to your Infusionsoft order form.

Most of our Spiffy Snippets are copy/paste, and done! So they are VERY easy to use. Other Snippets do require some editing of HTML code, in order to add your own content or add other information specific to your business, or Infusionsoft setup.

EX: Adding a Custom Field to your Infusionsoft Order form, requires that you edit the Snippet by adding your custom field name into the code.

For the more advanced snippets we have video tutorials that explain how they work, and walk you through how to use them, step-by-step.

We do offer services to build out order forms, and do custom coding, so if tweaking code and playing with technology isn’t your strength, we are here to help!

Here are the services we offer.


Below is a list of all the extra functionality that our Spiffy Snippets enable you to easily add to your Infusionsoft order forms.

Here’s some of the cool things you can do using our Spiffy Snippets.

Terms & Conditions
  • Terms & Conditions Checkbox – Customize Text
  • Terms & Conditions Checkbox + Scrolling Text Box
  • Time-Stamp in Custom Field for Terms & Conditions Checkbox
One-Click Upsell & Offer Bumps
  • One-Click Upsell – Requires HTML Setup **NEW
  • Checkbox-Style Offer Bump (Red Blinking Arrow Option) – Requires HTML Setup **NEW
Custom Fields
  • Custom Fields on Your Order Form (Text, Text Area, Radio Button, Drop down)
  • Contact Fields on Your Order Form (any contact record field)
  • Add A 2nd “Verify Email” Field to The Order Form **NEW
Billing Information Section Snippets
  • State/Providence Drop-down List for US & Canada **NEW
  • Restrict Country Field to US & Canada Only w/Drop-down State/Providence **NEW
  • Hide Address Line 2
  • Change ‘Phone’ Label/Placeholder to ‘Cell Phone’
Checkout Buttons
  • Change Checkout Button Text
  • Disable Credit Card as Payment Option on A Single Order Form
  • Disable PayPal as Payment Option on A Single Order Form
Order Summary Section Snippets
  • Change Size of Native Infusionsoft Product Image (Desktop)
  • Show Payment Schedule & Finance Charge
  • Show Payment Schedule ONLY – Hide Finance Charge Row
Single-Column Order Form Unique Snippets
  • Single-Column Layout: Load Sidebar Content Below Order Form on Mobile
  • Center Single Column Layout in Browser (Single-Column Layout ONLY) **NEW
Colors and Styling Snippets (Override General Builder Settings)
  • Color – Checkout Button
  • Color – Total / Due Today Price
  • Color – Payment Plan Price
  • Color – Checkmark Bullet List Color in Spiffy Builder
  • Color – Footer Background & Text Color
Custom Text Between Order Form Sections Snippets
  • Add Headline – Above Billing Address Section
  • Add Custom Text – Below Billing Information
  • Add Custom Text – Above Checkout Button
  • Add Custom Text – Below Checkout Button
Footer Snippets
  • Footer – Add a Disclaimer To The Footer
  • Footer – Custom Footer Text
Ninja Utility / Extra Functionality Snippets
  • Change Order Form into An “Update Billing Information” Page
  • Translate Infusionsoft Order Form Labels to Any Language
  • Redirect Order Form Page – Manually Expire, Close Your Promotion
  • Pre-set quantity options – (Choose between 1, 3, or 5 quantity bundles.) *NEW
  • Pre-set “name your price” options ***NEW
  • “Name your price” field – customers to enter any amount to pay ***NEW
International Snippets
  • Header – Mobile-Optimized Header
  • Header – Form-Width Header Image
  • Content – Columns: Custom HTML Layout Structure
  • Content – Mobile-Optimized Order Form Content

As you can see there are a TON of awesome things that you can do with Spiffy, and this list is always growing!

Get started with your Spiffy account today!

When you login to your Spiffy account, you will see a link in the navigation labeled “Snippets” and you will see a very similar list to the one below.

In your Spiffy account, you will be able to click on the Snippet you wish to use, and it will give you the copy/paste snippet code and step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

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